How to  Request a blanket?

Please note that only parents and legal guardians of children residing in Canada under the age of 16 can request blankets.

Share this page with the child's parent or legal guardian

Only a child’s legal guardian can request a blanket, if you are not the child’s guardian, please share this page with them.

Complete the online form

The online form asks for information about your child and their interests so that Angel can make a one of a kind blanket. It also requires your full contact information and a reference so that we can verify your identity. Sadly, people have falsely requested blankets in the past so verification is required.

Become a team hugginz supporter

While you wait for delivery, please consider sharing the Angels mission with others by; following her social media profiles, inviting your friends to learn about Hugginz, or just saying hi! 

Let us know you received your blanket

Please let us know when you receive your blanket, if you’d like to share photos of your blanket we would love to share them with our supporters. 

Please note that blanket nominations are closed until March 1, 2020 while Angel and her volunteers catch up on the waiting list of children.

However, if your child is critically ill or in a immediate crisis situation you can contact Hugginz through Facebook