We’re home again!!! It was a super busy medical trip to ‪#‎Vancouver‬ and are exhausted but so happy to be home.♡♡♡ We’re unpacking, washing laundry and repacking our suitcases as we need to head back in a few days to get Angel’s gtube replaced and have the site checked as there is an infection present in it and we need to make sure it doesn’t worsen.

◇ Before we left on this medical trip we had high hopes that Angel might be able to finally chew food by Christmas time. But it turns out that this is not going to happen for a very long time. We were told that osteomyelitis of the mandible rarely occurs is very hard to beat. This wasn’t the good news we wanted to hear. But it was the honest reality that we needed to hear.

◇ I have to say that despite all the rough times we have faced over the past year we are truly are so very blessed. We meet the nicest people almost everywhere we go. We met the kindest pediatric neurologist today and are so blessed to have her join ‪#‎TeamHugginz‬.

After our chat Angel hugged her and gave her a bunch of Hugginz By Angel Foundation cards and asked her to give them to her patients, which this beautiful Dr promised to do.

♡♡♡ If you’re coming to the ‪#‎AlberniValley‬ Canada Day Parade please look for Angel and give her a big wave and shout out too. She’s going to be waving and sending love to you from the windows of Vancouver Island Limousine. She’s pretty excited about it and hopes to see you there #TeamHugginz.

♡ – Nurse Mom