Today we pay tribute to all of the Moms;
HugginzMomsThe Nurse Moms of each of Angel’s ‪#‎Hugginzkids‬, the Moms whose babies and children now live in Heaven as well as in their hearts, the Moms who provide nursing care when our kids are hospitalized, the Moms who are surgeons and Dr’s, the Moms who provide palliative care to critically ill children, the Moms of precious fur-babies, the birth Moms who made it possible for so many of us to become Moms, the foster Moms who tenderly love each child as much as they can while they are in while they are in their care, and the mentoring Moms who are Brownie and Guide Leaders, Sunday School or classroom teachers, soccer coaches and dance teachers, and to all of the women who play the role of a 2nd Mom to their child’s best friend.

It takes a village to raise a child. None of us raise a child alone. And this is a good thing as not one of us is a perfect Mom, but together we can help our children blossom into the most beautiful of flowers. Thank you to each of the amazing women who have been a part of helping me mother all 4 of my children, Angel, Alexander, Darren and Shane. – Nurse Mom aka Cheryl