A search for goodness. What does it take to really spread goodness? To make a difference to hundreds of people all over? Most of us would like to spread goodness but we all have the same excuses, not enough time and mostly not enough money.

angelvotesWhen I heard of Post brands search for goodness only one person came to mind, even though I know a lot of goodness people there’s one that stood out. Angel.

Despite her own medical history she didn’t only find time or make time to spread goodness she invested all of herself into it and she spreading love to some of the most fragile people in the world. Sick kids. She hand picks the perfect fabrics and with her team hand cuts and sews blankets and fills them with love to deliver to these precious babies and kids. Her kids.

When I nominated her I wasn’t aware that last year she had the most votes in this same contest but because she was unable to travel due to her medical condition at the time which was required for the winner, she lost her spot. She didn’t get to win and buy more fabric and cotton batting.

But GREAT NEWS this year has different rules but she needs help, your help! Looks like you can vote every day until July 31st and with a later start she needs TEAM HUGGINZ to help by voting as often as possible and getting your friends to do the same!  Click here to voteangel_shreddies_2016

She will not use the winnings for herself it would go to her kids! This won’t take you more than a few minutes to search her name and vote and share. It won’t cost you any money. And by doing so you are supporting goodness.

I’ve held one of Hugginz by Angel blankets,helped fill it with love and I will never forget how I knew my love helped but you could feel she had already filled it with more than enough love for all of us.

Guest Post by Trena Carpenter