#‎TeamHugginz‬ Please read Sean’s story and share the link to help Sean and his mom. Please donate if you can. http://www.youcaring.com/tina-thomas-382722

“Sean was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on October 6, 2011, when he was just 3 year old.  For more than half of his short life he has considered BC Children’s Hospital his 2nd home.  In January 2014, it was discovered that Sean had relapsed; to give him the greatest chance at a cure, his family was told that he would require a bone marrow transplant.  After undergoing radiation and intensive chemotherapy, he entered his transplant strong and determined, with his Mother by his side.  Despite many obstacles along the way, his family celebrated one year post transplant only 3 days ago, on June 27 2015: a huge milestone to overcome.  After what seemed like a common cold to some, followed by a ear infection diagnosis, fevers and lethargy, tests confirmed an abnormality with his blood counts.  Unfortunately, this afternoon, it was confirmed that Sean, who many affectionately refer to as Seanny, has relapsed again, for the 2nd time.  Fighting cancer for the 3rd time in his short life.” continue reading