We arrived back home a short while ago. Miss Angel is tucked into bed, enjoyed her beloved storytime with her dad, Angel Hugginz Studioand is now sleeping. Before climbing into bed Angel put a CD on to play and asked her dad to have one waltz with her. She told him that he needed to practice dancing with her for the ‘Father Daughter’ dance at her future wedding. It was very heart touching to watch Angel being twirled around the room with a big grin on her face.

Afterwards Angel was quite tired out and asked me to have a dance with her dad each day to make sure that he knows hows to dance well. Dancing is something that Angel just doesn’t quite have the energy to do yet. I told her that I would gladly do this job for her. ♡♡♡ It has been a long 2 days in Vancouver. We hadn’t planned to head home until morning but Angel wanted to get home to dad and her ‪#‎HugginzStudio‬.

♡ Angel had her 4th iron infusion today and we also met with her Infectious Diseases Specialist. She will have bloodwork early next week to recheck her iron stores. Hopefully the infusions are helping to boost it a bit. She still needs to nap 2 times daily so it will be interesting to see if her iron level has risen or remains low. We head back to Vancouver early next Wednesday morning for 2 or 3 days.

Angel has 9 ‪#‎Hugginz‬ blankets completed in her studio waiting to be filled with her love then boxed up and mailed to critically ill kids across North America. She’s going to have a busy day of work tomorrow.

Angel received 15 more requests from families wanting Hugginz blankets for their very ill children and babies. Their stories are so heartbreaking and yet so inspiring. These are some of the bravest little kids. This means there are now over 130 kids on Angel’s sewing list, each waiting for their very own love filled blanket sewn by Angel.

♡♡♡ An update has been posted at the Hospital Trip Campaign Page if you’d like to click on the link and read it. Please feel free to share it. Thank you for holding Angel, her mission, her ‪#‎HugginzKids‬ and our family in your hearts.
With gratitude – Nurse Mom
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