Miss Angel wore a million dollar smile when her jaw surgeon told her that he is happy with the healing thus far and said told her that she could begin to eat a few more soft foods. Being the strong negotiator that Angel is, she initially asked for a hamburger, chicken nuggets, ribs and sausages but they are definitely not on the menu at this point. Dr Reichman did give her permission to eat poutine that is soggy and swimming in gravy, rice that’s soft and any creamy pastas. He also said she can eat fish as its so flaky and easy to eat. She loves fish so this is huge as its so healthy and tasty. We avoid pastas, rice and potatoes as they turn to starch and raise her blood sugar levels, which is a concern as she has diabetes. But they are fine for an occasional treat. Her main source of nutrition will continue to be via her gtube feeds until she’s completely out of the woods.


His current plan is for her to have a follow up ct scan in late November or early December. And if all looks good a surgery date will be set to remove the metal plate from her jaw. After all of this is complete she will be able to stop her daily iv treatments. Whew!!!! ♡♡♡

Angel has 2 more specialist appointments tomorrow and then we will head home. I promised Angel that we will share a dish of soupy poutine on the ferry ride home tomorrow. And yes we will definitely take a picture of her smile as it will be huge. ♡♡♡ I have had 2 lessons in giving Angel her iv treatments and get to resume lessons on Wednesday. I’m sure I will be flying solo by the weekend if not sooner.

We love Angel’s nurses but this is a very anxiety producing situation for her and she truly wants me to be the one to do her treatment. This will be another huge relief for her!! ♡♡♡

Nurse Mom