Since this last jaw surgery our ‪#‎HugginzHero‬ was doing super good at humming along to music. She was having such fun yesterday morning dancing and humming and accidentally sang and once again blew out the wires holding her jaw closed. There is seriously no one that wants this jaw to heal more than she does and she sure didn’t mean for it to happen. angel_nursemomupdate

She loves to sing and dance and simply got lost in the happiness of the moment. Looking back on it now I realize that this was exactly what caused the wires to break on Friday. Unfortunately all of her wii dance games and cds have had to be removed from the house, car and the studio in hopes that we can prevent this from happening again. I’m praying so hard that no further damage has occurred due to the wires breaking and her singing.

Jaw stabilization is so vital to healing. We are keeping her jaw wrapped tightly until we can see her surgeon on Tuesday and get it rewired. I am really hoping he can teach me how to wire it myself in case of future breakage.

Getting medications and fluid nutrition in has been a battle again today. She did however really love a glass of pureed peaches this morning. If anyone local has jars of home canned fruit in light syrup and can gift Angel with a jar or two it would truly be appreciated. It seems to be one thing we can get into her. – Nurse Mom