On February 11th, Angel’s family made a public announcement regarding some struggles they have been facing together as a family and reached out to the team hugginz community asking for their wishes, support, ideas, and help.

Here is the original release;

There is no easy way to share this news with you, just as there is no easy way to ask for your help. Our lives are taking an unexpected turn and we are asking you to help us find temporary housing in Vancouver this spring. We are hoping a hotel or realtor might consider donating the use of a furnished 2 bedroom suite with a large living space so we can create a satellite Hugginz Studio and move to Vancouver for a month or two or even longer if need be.. We don’t qualify to stay at Ronald McDonald house as they only serve patients age 19 and under.

We often stay at Easter Seal House when the 2 of us have to be in the city for Angel’s appointments. As there will be 4 of us we would need 2 rooms at a total cost of $130 a night and there would be no room for Angel to set up a mini sewing studio as the rooms are very tiny. So clearly this isn’t a desirable option for us. We are hoping to find a suite as close to Vancouver General Hospital as possible as it needs to be accessible to us for Angel’s specialists and iron infusions etc.

We have recently learned that I have a very large benign pituitary tumor that is putting a lot of pressure New Years 2016on my optic nerves and brain. This means that I as well shall need to receive medical care in Vancouver. The tumor is surrounding my carotid artery and hiding the optic nerves, bones and artery from view.

The pressure it is placing on the optic nerves has begun to affect my vision. The neurosurgeon has told us that this tumor will absolutely cause me to go blind and it could possibly cause a stoke as well. The tumor was accidentally found while I was having an mri done on my spine to check the osteoarthritis in my neck. Further imaging and field of vision testing was done and we met with a neurosurgeon within 3 days.

As the neurosurgeon spoke to us, apologizing while he delivered the news, a beautiful rainbow lit up the sky in the window behind him. It filled me with calm and was the sign I needed to see. My husband and I were each filled with gratitude that the tumor had been found before it caused major damage. We knew we were in good hands. We were told that surgery is the best option to remove this tumor and hopefully save my vision. If the optic nerves and carotid artery are damaged during surgery I could wake up blind or have a stoke during surgery. Those are scary risks but knowing that surgery it could save my vision makes it worth the risks.

Fortunately I have been blessed to have one of the best neurosurgeons in North America and he is highly skilled at his work. He will do his best to safely remove as much as the tumor as possible. Radiation isn’t an option available to me prior to surgery as it would cause my optic nerves to swell and blindness would happen even faster. Thankfully radiation is an option available post surgery to shrink any remaining tumor. I truly never thought I would be giving thanks for these things but I am.

Angel is very protective of me and gets into a panic if I get hurt or need to go to the Dr or to the ER. It frightens her terribly. The most important thing to us right now is to give her a stable environment during the upheaval by creating a satellite Hugginz Studio and asking her support staff to come to stay with us in Vancouver so Angel can sew for her kids while we are in the city. It will also make it much easier for us to not have to drive back and forth each week and give me time to heal. This won’t be an easy twist in the road for us but we trust there is a reason that the tumor was found before it caused major damage. We trust it will all be okay in the end.

♡ Angel’s mission of wrapping critically ill kids up in love filled blankets needs to continue during our time in the city. For her sake and for each of the children waiting for her blankets. Helping sick kids is the music that lights up Angel’s soul. Her love filled blankets mean so very much to the children who receive them.

If you know of anyone who may be able to donate a living place in Vancouver, where we can create a satellite Hugginz Studio please email us at hugginzbyangel@gmail.com or send us a private message.


We are uncertain about the exact time line but believe the surgery will likely be slated for late March or early April. We hope to be settled into a suite at least a week prior so we can begin to establish a routine and comfort for Angel. ♡♡♡ Thank you for loving Angel and our family.

With love and gratitude, – Nurse Mom and the Magnussen family.