hugginzhikeMiss Angel enjoyed a great ‪Canada Day‬ long weekend. We’ve been focusing more on fitness and making healthy life choices. We took Angel out for a long bike ride yesterday and we had to speed walk to keep up to her. Jellybean enjoyed the walk as did Angel’s dad and I. Family came over for dinner and games last eve and we really had a great visit. ♡

We took a hike to the Hole In The Wall this morning and Jellybean had a great time playing in the cold water and swimming. Angel was hugginzbikecompletely wiped out afterwards and came home to sleep then spent the afternoon working in her ‪#‎hugginzStudio‬. Angel has a great sense of satisfaction each time she’s completed a blanket for a sick child. It makes her heart so happy.

♡♡♡ I want to thank each of you for taking through time to ‪#‎VoteAngel‬ each day in the contest. You managed to narrow the gap between Angel and 3rd place to just 1700 votes. That’s incredible!!! You’ve placed over 800 votes for Angel today alone. If you keep this pace up you’ll have Angel in 3th place by Wednesday and headed for 1st place before we can blink. Bless you and thank you for loving Angel and her mission of wrapping critically ill kids up in warm hugs. – Nurse Mom ‪#‎HugginzByAngel‬ ‪#‎WrappingSickKidsInAWarmHug‬ ‪#‎moderndaymissionary‬ ‪#‎proudtohavedownsyndrome‬