This girl is my hero. She has such low energy yet plows away day after day working to help all her sick kids. She spent the afternoon yawning away yet kept working to love up, and then box up, Hugginz blankets for her kids. She’s so happy to have a new list on her blackboard and she’s already chosen the material for each child.

The first blanket she will be working on is the one for the mom and new baby. This mom has stage 4 cancer and multiple locations and needs to start chemotherapy immediately. Her new baby was born 2 days ago, prematurely, at 32 weeks gestation. Their blanket will be a very special one for both of them to cuddle together under. Please hold this mom and her new baby and each of Angel’s Hugginz Kids in your hearts.

♡ Our Miss Angel could sure use an energy boost. She’s working hard to kick those osteomyelitis bugs in the butt daily and is trying hard to not fight the iv treatments. We’re marking the days off on the calendar and it’s just under 3 weeks til we see her oral surgeon again and hopefully get some good news.

She’s praying they might finally cut her jaw wires at that point if the latest mandible fracture appears to be healing well enough. She will also have a gastric emptying test and a repeat abdominal ct done as well on that medical trip. Her abdomen has developed a rare infection that we are keeping a good eye on.

We may have to start treating it by adding in a 4th antibiotic. We’re hoping to avoid it if at all possible but she’s not fighting it off thus far.

Somehow through all this our girl continues to focus on her mission and keeps plowing ahead in sewing her love filled blankets for her Hugginz Kids. These kids give her a purpose and a reason to keep holding strong as she wants so badly to help them all.

♡ – Nurse Mom