hugginzstudiomay2016bThe newest list of names is on the ‪#‎HugginzStudio‬ blackboard. Angel spent her morning picking out material for each of these children. She can’t wait to get started on their blankets.

♡ As you can see Angel has a rather large wait list and each waiting child has a number assigned to their request. We prioritize the referrals when they are submitted and the children with the most critical health needs are bumped to the top of the wait list.

Angel is also sewing 2 ‪#‎Hugginz‬ blankets, ‪#‎outerspace‬ and ‪#‎cats‬, to donate to an upcoming ‪#‎bcch‬ ‪#‎LoveForLilee‬ fundraising event in June and 1 Hugginz ‪#‎wizardofoz‬ blanket to auction off on the @HugginzByAngel Facebook page to raise money for the Hugginz By Angel Foundation.

♡♡♡ Angel’s happy heart can be heard laughing and singing when she sews her days away, making the most beautiful love filled blankets for her sick kids.

Please hold each of Angel’s ‪#‎Hugginzkids‬ in your hearts and prayers. – Nurse Mom ‪#‎HugginzByAngel‬ ‪#‎WrappingSickKidsInAWarmHug‬ ‪#‎ModernDayMissionary‬ ‪#‎proudtohavedownsyndrome‬

Hugginz Studio Photo