hugginz highway to EllenIt’s official … Curtis Hargrove’s Campaign has begun and he will be arriving at the HUGGINZ Studio Sunday August 30th to collect a Hugginz Blanket full of Angel’s love for Ellen at 9am.
All of Angel’s supporters, friends, volunteers and the community of Port Alberni are invited to stop by and see Curtis off for his 10 am leave time. Curtis will be accompanied by ESCORT to keep the roads safe and we know he may need some waves and support after climbing what we here in the Alberni Valley call the HUMP (Alberni Summit – hey you may even see him on the highway cam!)
Grab you Hugginz Hwy Tshirt today   and support Curtis as he raises funds for Angel and helps to make her dreams come true.
Follow both @hugginzhwy  and @hugginzbyangel on Twitter
Use the #hugginzhwy hashtag in your tweets, Facebook, and Instagram updates to show your support and spread the word each day.
Help Curtis’ make this run AMAZING – Sponsor or Donate towards the Hugginz Highway Run.
Go Curtis Go – we know you can do it!  (We think maybe we should find someone to donate some foot massages along the way, according to the map – well – it is a LONG way to the Ellen Show.

Hugginz Highway