Miss Angel and her dad spent a few hours pulling weeds from our friend Barb’s garden. We ate lunch on the front steps and then Angel and her dad went right back to work. We wanted to surprise Barb and her family when they arrive home from their vacation tomorrow.

They have done so very much to help us out and our hearts are filled with gratitude for them. ♡ Miss Angel had a great day and sewed more ‪#‎Hugginz‬ blankets for her kids.

While we were in the garden we were visited by 3 white butterflies that dancing around us. Angel laughed with happiness as they flitted around us. We named them Lilee-Jean, Sammy and Seanny as we were sure they sent them to us from Heaven above. ♡♡♡ ‪#‎HugginzByAngel‬ ‪#‎WrappingSickKidsInAWarmHug‬ ‪#‎ModernDayMissionary‬ ‪#‎proudtohavedownsyndrome‬