Our Nurse Mom Update‪#‎HugginzHero‬ had a rough start to her day and refused to go to the hospital for her iv antibiotics. Once we arrived at the hospital she wouldn’t go to the ER until she talked with her pediatrician first. Thankfully he was able to make time to chat with her. She wanted Dr Chris to know how scared and worried she felt. And she wanted to know if he was making a miracle happen so that I could learn to give her the antibiotics at home. He had no answers at the time but did tell her that there were approximately 10 people working on it and doing all they could to help her. That helped alot in relieving Angel’s anxiety.

♡♡♡ We then headed to ER and the RN flushed her picc line but wasn’t able to get any blood drawback from one of the lumens again today. She hooked up both antibiotics and a plan was made to have tpa placed in the line after the medication ran through and then we would need to wait at the hospital until the line cleared. The RN flushed the line after unhooking Angel’s antibiotics and amazingly she was able to get blood drawback from both lumens in Angel’s picc line, so no tpa was needed today after all. I immediately felt that this little miracle was due to the love you sent Angel’s way today. Once we arrived home we received a call from the hospital letting us know that they aren’t able to train me to do the iv antibiotics.

The reasons why were explained well and are each valid given how finicky this picc line is and the need for an RN to be able to check it regularly. One of the antibiotics is $400 per dose and has to be mixed in a sterile environment and needs to be run through with a pump vs being gravity fed, which is very important in making sure it is delivered at the correct rate. All of the reasons are very understandable. They are able to arrange for a Home and Community Care RN to come to our home daily to administer the IV antibiotics. This is not something that is normally offered in our community as we don’t have a home iv program here. But given how hard this whole medical battle has been on Angel they all believe this will help to give her a better quality of life and lessen her frustration. If all goes well we might have home iv in place by the time we get back from Angel’s next Vancouver medical trip.

This is a huge miracle and we thank you for wishing and hoping and praying for things to get easier for Angel. We are so grateful to the amazing medical team that is supporting Angel. ♡♡♡ We have decided that it’s time to add some fun to our lives. Tomorrow after work, and Angel’s iv treatment, we will be taking Miss A on a surprise evening of fun. We will tell you all about it afterwards. Angel is super excited about the surprise. – Nurse Mom