2015 was a year of growth for everyone at the Hugginz Foundation. Angel and nurse mom tirelessly fought to overcome Angel’s health problems while still sending warm hugs and blankets to sick children around the world all year. At one point, you could even find Angel sewing blankets during her stay at Children’s Hospital!

Her dedication and that of many supporters throughout the year has helped her foundation to grow despite a few obstacles faced throughout the year.

Our local news publication has announced that Curtis Hargrove’s run in support of Angel’s work and foundation has been named one of the TOP 5 news stories of 2015 and we send him our congratulations and thanks for his dedication to the run.New Years 2016

A New Years Eve celebratory kiss was shared between Nurse Mom and the amazing Miss Hugginz By Angel earlier today.  After a busy day of working in the #HugginzStudio . The champagne is chilling in hopes that we can manage to stay awake past 9pm tonight. Appies will soon be warming in the oven.
♡♡♡ We pray for a blessed new year ahead for each of you and we send you our deepest love and gratitude. Thank you for being a part of #teamhugginz 2015.
With love from Angel and Cheryl Magnussen