Happy Canada Day 2016 ‪#‎teamhugginz‬!!!! We are so proud of this country we live in and so grateful for the love and support we are given Nationwide and Worldwide.

CanadaDayAngel2You have helped Angel to wrap over 1000 critically ill kids, palliative kids and kids with chronic illnesses up in warm hugs. Being a Canadian means being a good neighbor, it means helping your community, it means helping the sick, elderly and those with exceptional needs and helping strangers and foreigners in need. Whether you live in Canada or not you have each lived up to our definition of being Canadian.

Today we celebrate Team Hugginz as well as this great country we live in. Happy Canada Day. ♡♡♡

Please make sure to take a minute to ‪#‎VoteAngel‬ in the www.searchforgoodness.com contest each day. Angel is currently in 4th place and only 3399 votes away from moving into 3rd spot. Let’s get her there over the long weekend and then move her into 2nd and then 1st place for a win of $10,000 for her ‪#‎hugginzkids‬. ‪#‎HugginzByAngel‬ ‪