Autism and anxiety noteLike many of us, Angel ruminates on a problem until she can find a good working solution. We think she has come up with one of the most brilliant ideas yet. In the past her pediatrician has written a letter for us to show when we are traveling on the ferry as the transition causes Angel to feel greatly stressed.

Tonight Angel decided that she needed to write her very own letter to show to people during other stressful transitions such as at the Dr’s office or at hospital or the lab, Angel working at Alberni Toyotachecking into a hotel, going through customs or boarding an airplane, ship, bus or taxi. Angel realizes that it’s more difficult for her to talk or to think when she feels stressed. Her hearing and voice shut off and she feels trapped. We all feel like that when we are under great duress or when we enter unknown territory. Yet observers don’t often understand strange fears and consider them to be “irrational.”

They assume the person is acting spoiled or bratty or being a jerk or worse. Angel feels terribly remorseful and sad after a transition breakdown has occurred as it means she has likely yelled at someone in fear of the situation. Angel knows that she is not a mean person and that she is loving and kind and good. It shatters her heart to realize she has yelled at someone. And our hearts break for her, and with her, as we try to pick up the pieces and more forth.

We absolutely love Angel’s newest idea as it comes from within her and is her solution. She believes the letter will give her the means to ask for help when she most needs it. This letter will essentially become her voice when she cannot speak.

Angel feels ready to meet the fearful situations head on and begin to conquer them one by one. If she ever passes you one of her letters please take the time to read it and then kindly offer to help her feel safe. She will thank you with the best hugs and brightest smile going.

– Nurse Mom